Nancy Zettler, an accomplished attorney and activist, has been fighting for working families for decades.

After earning her law degree, she went head-to-head with corporations in the courtroom for two decades while practicing law full-time. She eventually scaled back her legal work to be able to focus on staying home with her two daughters, which also allowed her to spend more time getting involved in the community and local schools. 

Nancy started volunteering in the Algonquin area community almost from the minute her family moved here. She was active in the local schools and in 2005 began work as Chair of Advance 300, a local community group dedicated to supporting Community Unit School District 300 (D300).  In 2006, under her leadership with Co-Chair Doug Sibery, the community passed not one but two school referenda supporting D300 schools. These referendums pulled the district back from the brink of financial collapse and lowered class sizes from as high as 36 kids in first grade classes to 25, and helped make D300 one of the more fiscally sound and transparent school districts in the state.  

In 2011, Advance 300 was instrumental in fighting to get D300 a seat at the negotiating table when the legislature was working to pass legislation to renew the Sears Economic Development Area in Hoffman Estates. These efforts enabled D300 to negotiate an additional $3,000,000 per year in recovered property tax dollars.  

From 2012 thru 2014, Nancy was also a member of the D300 Board of Education’s Legislative Committee.  

Nancy has lived with her husband and children in the 33rd District in Algonquin for nearly twenty years. 

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