People feel like the system

is rigged against them.

And here's the painful part:

They're right. The system is rigged.

-- Elizabeth Warren -- 


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I am running because, like you, I’m tired of doing everything right, playing by all the rules and getting nowhere, while the 1%, large corporations and big banks buy more and more of our government, make their own rules, threaten our livelihoods and futures and keep their thumbs on us for their own gain.   

Every day in this state, millions of our tax dollars are given to large corporations, not because they need it - most don’t - but because they demand it and threaten to leave the state or lay off employees if they don’t get it.  It has gotten so out of control that while Governor Rauner attacks the working people of Illinois and slashes funding for vital programs for the most vulnerable Illinois citizens and funds for higher education, he still seems to find plenty of money to hand out hundreds of millions of dollars to corporations who don’t need the money but continue to demand it.  Enough is enough.  

Every dollar given to corporations or the 1% in tax breaks, subsidies or “incentives” is a dollar that comes out of our pockets.  Taking state income taxes and handing them over to these corporations starves the state of revenue and just means that we will have to pay for it in other taxes, like sales and property taxes.  It has to stop!

If elected I will work to strengthen the middle class and support the working people of Senate District 33 by:

  • Making sure that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes; 
  • Stopping unnecessary corporate giveaways, at the State and local levels;
  • Stopping out of control property tax hikes; 
  • Restoring funding for higher education and to make college more affordable for all;
  • Work to bring fair funding for all school districts across the state;
  • Establishing real transparency and accountability in Illinois, and;
  • Last but not least – by strengthening campaign ethics rules and reducing the use of big money in political campaigns here in the state.