Although the challenges we face don't fit on one page, I'm running to improve the lives of working families through a broad range of policies and issues. If there is a topic that is important to you that is missing, please contact me directly through the contact box on the home page.


Nancy Zettler believes that we need to lower property taxes for working families and reform the broken tax system that helps big corporations avoid paying their fair share. Illinois has the highest property taxes in the country, and the resulting burden is crushing the middle class. At the same time, giant corporations and bankers are raking in record profits while paying next to nothing in taxes—and sticking the rest of us with the bill.

In the State Senate, Nancy will fight for a fair tax system by:

  • Working to reduce out-of-control property taxes and provide relief for homeowners. Because of the Illinois budget crisis, property taxes have skyrocketed—and the resulting burden on working families is unacceptable. In the State Senate, Nancy will work to address the root causes of high property taxes in Illinois.

  • Fighting for targeted tax help for households struggling with family needs like child care and job training. By providing support for working families that need it the most, Nancy will work to ensure the wellbeing of our children and create opportunities for careers in new and emerging sectors of our economy.

  • Putting an end to TIFs, which divert our tax dollars that are already allocated for the essential needs of local communities to payoff massive corporations and special interests, leaving our schools underfunded and forcing communities to raise property taxes even higher.

  • Closing the “carried interest loophole” that billionaire hedge fund managers take advantage of to pay a significantly lower tax rate than the rest of us. Closing this unjust loophole isn’t just fair, it can help reduce drastic income inequality in our state and generate the revenue necessary for vital programs.


Nancy Zettler is a champion for a better public education system where power and decision-making is pushed down to the local level.

Nancy Zettler went to a great public elementary school and high school. Her teachers were demanding. But they were also attentive, because they had the time and support to see each child's needs and teach us not only the basics, but also about creativity and the responsibilities that all people have to each other. The teachers themselves, along with the parents, had a real voice in defining and measuring our progress. Nancy’s mother was one of those teachers.

After ending her law practice, Nancy worked as an education activist, helping District 300 schools become more fiscally secure and transparent. Nancy believes we need to strengthen our local public schools and push resources and decision making down to the principals, teachers, and parents who know how to educate their children best. She even took it a step further and currently works as a substitute teacher.

In the State Senate, Nancy will fight for better public schools and affordable college by:

  • Securing desperately needed funding for U46, D300, and all the local school districts and working to create greater fiscal transparency.

  • Ensuring that the State Charter School Commission cannot overrule the recommendations and input of local parents, teachers, and families.

  • Ensuring parents and teachers are involved in the decisions affecting our children.

  • Working to expand quality pre-school options for all families regardless of income.

  • Working to make all community colleges in Illinois tuition free.

Nancy believes every family should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. After graduating from law school, she spent twenty years taking on big pharma. She'll make sure that no one is denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions or an inability. 

In the State Senate Nancy will protect and expand access to healthcare by: 

  • Ensuring every Illinois family has access to affordable, quality health care plans.

  • Protecting women’s reproductive health care by fighting for the right of every woman to have access to preventive care, affordable contraception and safe, legal abortion.

  • Closing the dental care gap. Untreated oral health issues have spiraling consequences, from pain and tooth loss to chronic health conditions and sometimes job loss.

  • Protecting and expanding access to Medicaid for hard-working Illinois families


Protecting our air and our water is a public health imperative, an economic imperative, and a moral imperative.

The catastrophic risks posed by climate change are real, and unless we take immediate steps to steer ourselves onto a different course, we will keep exposing ourselves—and our most vulnerable citizens—to immense harm.

Nancy Zettler is a vocal advocate against fracking and for renewable energy investments. In the State Senate, she'll keep on fighting for:

  • Adopting clean sources of energy by ending the intricate system of subsidies that keeps dirty sources of energy artificially cheap, and instead promote renewable sources: solar, wind, and hydro.

  • Protecting our waterways and drinking supply by reducing the risk of contamination, giving residents better information about existing risks and ensure that when contamination is found, the responsible parties are held accountable.

Energy and the Environment

Nancy Zettler is an outspoken leader in the fight against corruption in government. She’s stood up to powerful interests and raised up the voices of those left behind by our broken political system.

Recent funding crises in local communities like D300 are an urgent reminder that big corporations’ domination of tax policy, at the expense of school quality, has put our communities at risk. She’ll bring that fight to the State Senate by:

  • Establishing real transparency and accountability in Illinois by voting to end legislative perks, strengthening ethics rules, and reducing the influence of special interests.

  • Closing the “revolving door,” in which elected representatives and senior staff sell off their legislative power for high-paying lobbying jobs. Stop them from negotiating jobs while in office, and once they leave, bar them from all lobbying activity for several years.

  • Fighting for public financing of elections.

Campaign finances and corruption

Opioid addiction is a major crisis that is afflicting communities and devastating families throughout Illinois. In the 33rd senate district deaths from opiate use are coming at a record pace in Kane County and there have been more than 53 confirmed drug overdose deaths so far this year in McHenry County.

In the State Senate, Nancy will work alongside community leaders and first responders to address the heroin and opioid crisis through a comprehensive and compassionate approach to drug addiction and treatment, which includes:

  • Rehabilitation, not incarceration, for those suffering from opioid addiction. Simply locking up people with opioid addictions doesn’t stop crime, and it doesn’t treat addiction. Nancy believes in a compassionate approach that keeps nonviolent drug offenders out of the criminal justice system and gives them opportunities to heal.

  • Listening to the communities and families most affected. Nancy believes that we need to learn from the people who are struggling with the impacts of this epidemic and listen directly to their concerns and ideas.

  • Providing our regional facilities with much-needed resources to handle overdoses and opioid addiction with competence and humanity by treating drug addiction as a public health crisis and exploring avenues for funding that include requiring pharmaceutical companies to bear the expense

The Opioid and Heroin Crisis