Issues: Women

Nancy is a strong voice for women. She strongly supports a woman’s right to choose and is fighting to protect critical women’s health services, like life-saving breast cancer screenings, from devastating cuts.

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Obviously, I believe that we need more women in office!!  A big reason that I am running to represent us in Springfield is because it’s time for more women to step up and take control of our own future and our family’s futures!  But simply being a woman isn’t enough.  Too often women in office take positions that do not support women and the families that are our lives.  We need women, and men, in Springfield who will put women and our families first.

There is no question that these days, women are under attack by many elected officials.  With Donald Trump in the White House and Bruce Rauner panicking and shattering a campaign promise to ensure access to abortion in Illinois, it is more important than ever that women here join in making sure that our rights are protected and strengthened.

In addition to reproductive rights, many Illinois women are also in grave danger of losing everyday health care too.  Planned Parenthood is threatened with defunding, that effects access to basic health care including preventative screenings for cancer and access to contraception.  I am 100% committed to fighting to protect access to women's health care.

However, access to healthcare is not the only women’s issue that needs support in Springfield. Rauner’s slash and burn cuts have all but destroyed access to many services that Illinois women rely on every day including services to protect them from domestic violence and getting justice for rape victims as well as funding for childcare so that women, including single mothers, can go to work or to school to better their family’s economic situation.  I understand how important each and every one of these programs are and I will fight to replace, protect and strengthen each and every one of them starting the second that I take office.

As a woman, a daughter, a sister, the mother of two amazing young women and a member of our amazing community of incredibly strong women, I am committed to being a strong voice for women that District 33 needs and deserves.