ENDORSEMENT: Nancy Zettler for Illinois Senate in the 33rd District

If residents of the 33rd District want a state senator who will vigorously pursue causes that matter to them, we recommend Democrat Nancy Zettler of Algonquin. We endorse her over former St. Charles Mayor Donald DeWitte, a Republican who was appointed to this seat in the summer.

Zettler, a retired lawyer, has been particularly strong in fighting for the needs of schoolchildren. In 2006, she played a leading role in helping Community Unit School District 300 — which includes schools in Carpentersville, Algonquin and Hampshire — pass two referendums to pull the district out of a financial crisis. She later lobbied lawmakers to take another look at the tax breaks given to Sears Holdings Corporation in Hoffman Estates — tax dollars that would have benefited schools.

“We need to stop diverting tax dollars to special interests from funds allocated for schools, good roads and first responders,” Zettler wrote in her questionnaire. “We can’t just give these dollars away because politicians in Springfield want to hold on to power and cater to the special interests that fund their campaigns.”

Election 2018: A year for women in McHenry County?

Democratic challengers in state, federal races stand up for rights


Could the 2018 election mark a major shift in politics that ups the microphone volume for women voters?

Three women challenging Republican men for state and federal seats representing slices of McHenry County hope so.

“Women are going to drive this election,” Democrat Nancy Zettler said. She will battle appointed incumbent Don DeWitte for Illinois’ 33rd Senate District seat. “We’re realizing now that unless we get people who look like us and think like us in office, we’re not going to have any significant changes that benefit women.”

In September, the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University reported a record
476 women (356 Democrats and 120 Republicans) filed to run for the U.S. House of Representatives
across the country. The previous high was 298 in 2012.

Candidates such as McHenry Democrat Mary Mahady pointed to President Donald Trump’s election in 2016 and his subsequent performance in office as a starting point for many women in politics, and recent polls suggest the same.

“There are a lot of women who are getting involved because they don’t like the direction of where things are going,” said Mahady, who will face appointed Republican incumbent Craig Wilcox for Illinois’ 32nd Senate District seat. “Women have been woken up. We can’t sit on the sidelines.”

A national Pew Research Center survey released Oct. 1 showed that 63 percent of women disapproved of Trump’s job performance. The results followed two years of reports that put Trump’s past and the fight for women’s rights on center stage.

Since Trump’s election and the release of an “Access Hollywood” tape in which he bragged about groping women, 22 women have publicly accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

Trump’s personal attorney this year pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and said he made hush-money payments to two women claiming that they had affairs with the president.

On Saturday, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th justice of the U.S. Supreme Court after claims emerged that he had sexually assaulted women three decades ago – allegations he emphatically denied in televised testimony.

While Kavanaugh’s appointment marked an accomplishment for Trump and a Republican Party that now holds a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, women running for office have said it represents a threat to women’s rights.

“I think they definitely have the intention to overturn Roe v. Wade,” Zettler said of the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion. “He’s been known to have some very conservative views on women’s rights.”

Protecting the power of Roe v. Wade is a pillar of Democratic campaigns in Illinois.

In a questionnaire submitted to the Northwest Herald, 14th Congressional District candidate Lauren Underwood, D-Naperville, said women’s rights to choose what is right for their bodies is “under attack in Washington.”

“I will always fight for a woman’s right to determine her own future,” Underwood said.

She will face incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren, R-Plano, in November.

To Zettler, fighting for women’s rights – especially abortion rights – likely will take place at the state level.

“I think what happens at the federal level will hit us on the state level like a tsunami of pain,” Zettler said. “I think there will be plenty of opportunities to fight in the General Assembly, and I’m ready for that challenge.”

In a time when women’s right are under attack, the government needs women in leadership, Mahady said.

“Men don’t get it,” she said. “They don’t understand sexual assault. They don’t understand sexual harassment. We need to be leading the charge in correcting that, making sure we don’t accept that behavior.”

Senator Daniel Biss Endorses Nancy Zettler for State Senate

EVANSTON – Democratic State Senator and former gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss yesterday announced his endorsement of Nancy Zettler in the race for Illinois’ 33rd State Senate district—an area running from Batavia to Crystal Lake and from East Dundee to Hampshire.

“Nancy Zettler has spent her career working for ordinary people,” said State Senator Daniel Biss. “She’s been a passionate advocate for local schools and has taken on powerful special interests like the ones corrupting Springfield. We need a voice like Nancy’s who will clean up Springfield and work to bring down out of control property taxes and protect middle class families—that’s why she has my support.”

“I’m honored to have the support of a progressive icon like Daniel Biss, who has been fighting for working families his entire career. From his first campaign to the most recent one, Daniel has been an advocate for fairer taxes, expanding access to healthcare, making college more affordable and protecting seniors in retirement,” said Nancy Zettler. “It is wonderful to have the support of Sen. Biss and so many other groups and individuals committed to making Illinois a better, more equitable place to live for all.”

“Our campaign is about putting people first,” Nancy Zettler said. “Every day we speak to voters up and down district 33 who want someone in Springfield who will fight for working families, not cater to career politicians and powerful special interests. I am honored to have the support of local leaders and excited to make significant strides in every community across the district.”

Senator Biss’ endorsement adds more momentum to Zettler’s surging campaign. Over the last two months, Zettler has earned the support of more than 25 elected officials and organizations, including congressional candidate Lauren Underwood, Senate President John Cullerton, State Senator Christina Castro, State Senator Tony Munoz, State Representative Anna Moeller, Dundee Township Supervisor Trish Glees, Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association, Illinois AFL-CIO, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Illinois Education Association, AFSCME Illinois Council, National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, Personal PAC, Equality Illinois, Sierra Club, Citizens Action, Moms Demand Action (Distinction), G PAC, LiUNA, Illinois SEIU, Teamsters Joint Council 25, McHenry County Building Trades Council, Elgin Building Trades Council, and the Elgin Association of Fire Fighters IAFF Local 439.

Algonquin resident Nancy Zettler hopes to take 33rd District Senate seat

Northwest Herald

By Ed Komenda

For many years, Nancy Zettler fought corporations as a lawyer.

Now she hopes to fight them on behalf of taxpayers as an Illinois State senator representing the 33rd District in Springfield.

“I’ve been fighting it from the outside since forever,” she told the Northwest Herald. “I want to go down there and try to fight it from the inside.” 

An accomplished attorney, small-business owner and community activist, Zettler has lived in Algonquin with her husband and children for almost two decades.

Ask her to sum up the philosophy driving her bid for the Senate seat, and she’ll eventually share this phrase, “People over profit.”

“We deserve to have government work for us, and not for big corporations, not for the corporate culture,” Zettler said.

The genesis of her corporation-centric approach to fixing the state’s crippling tax problem is her experience as an attorney working on a case known as the “Chicago Tylenol murders.”

In 1982, Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide landed in Chicago drugstores and into the hands of seven people who would take them and die – including a 12-year-old girl.

It was part of Zettler’s job to investigate how that happened. Her sleuthing skills led her to the unsettling discovery that Tylenol makers had received hundreds of customer complaints about foreign objects in their capsules. 

The company had not used tamper-proof packaging to ensure the safety of their customers, Zettler said. The findings that surfaced after the Tylenol murders led to major packaging reforms and anti-tampering laws.

The case, Zettler said, served as the catalyst of her journey into activism and through a world where corporations often put profits in front of people.

“I am really interested in making sure the corporate special interests are not running our state and taking what they want and giving us what’s left over,” Zettler said. 

As a senator, she hopes to push corporate culture out of governance. 

“A big reason the property taxes are so bad around here is not only corporate welfare but also the tax structure at the state level is horrible, and it plays into [corporations] not wanting to pay more than 7 percent,” said Zettler, who ran for state representative for the 66th District in 2016 and is a Dundee Township precinct committeeman. “They should be paying more than 7 percent.”  

Only 30 percent of corporations in Illinois pay income tax, Zettler said. She cited ADM, Walgreens and Boeing as companies that pay little to no taxes.

When it comes to property taxes, Zettler is a proponent of a progressive tax that is based on income.

“If you have a good, progressive, not bottom-heavy taxing system at the state level, a lot can be paid for at the state level, where your taxes are dependent on how much money you make,” Zettler said. “We need to fix the structure at the state level and make sure the money is going to where it’s supposed to be going and make sure corporations are paying their fair share.”

Zettler will face recently appointed incumbent and former St. Charles Mayor Don DeWitte in November.

Republicans for Nancy Zettler!


We are proud to announce Republicans for Nancy Zettler, led by leaders in the community of the 66th District who want a true, independent representative sent to Springfield. The effort is being launched with a letter (attached) to thousands of Republican voters from the following Republican community leaders:

  • Sue Harney, Dundee Township Supervisor
  • Dr. Kenneth Arndt, Interim Superintendant, Elgin Area School District, U46
  • Dr. Cheryl Crates, Board Member, CFO, Friends of the Fox
  • Jack Festen, Trustee, West Dundee Firefighter’s Pension Board
  • Fred Heid, Superintendent, Community Unit School District 300
  • Craig Johnson, President, Lionize Delivery Solutions, Inc.

Nancy Zettler will be the bipartisan and independent leader that we need, and she has the record to prove it. Nancy has a long record of bipartisan work to make sure that our schools are funded. She has gone to Springfield, fought against the “machine”, and WON. When Springfield wanted to take millions of our tax dollars from District 300 and give it to corporations, she helped lead a campaign to make sure that some of that money stayed in our public schools. And she did this by demonstrating her ability to work on both sides of the aisle, with Republicans AND Democrats, in order to benefit the residents of our district. 

And you can sign up and join us at http://www.nancyzettler.com/republicans.

We don’t need another bomb thrower in Springfield. We need someone who can put her/his ego on the back burner, someone who can work with rank and file legislators legislative leadership and the Governor’s office. Only one candidate in this race has a track record of the bipartisan negotiation that we need, and that is Nancy Zettler.

Nancy Zettler is a candidate in the 33rd Illinois Senate District. She is an accomplished attorney and community activist. The 33rd Senate District includes all or portions of Algonquin, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, East Dundee, Elgin, Gilberts, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood, Sleepy Hollow, and West Dundee. You can reach Nancy at Nancy@NancyZettler.com


I Support Nancy!

Want a simple and straightforward way to support Nancy?  You can print one of these "I Support Nancy" signs and put in in your car, your house window, or anywhere someone can see!

We have several options that you can choose from below, but if you are interested in a different option that is not on here, please email us and we can make one for you!


Independent Maps and Entrenched Politicians

I'm very disappointed that a referendum to change the current map system has been struck down. Our current map system protects entrenched politicians in BOTH parties and should be changed not only here in Illinois, but across the entire country as well. This should NOT be a partisan issue. 

I am in agreement with President Obama, who this past spring told the Illinois General Assembly: “In America, politicians should not pick their voters, voters should pick their politicians.”

This just makes it clear that we need independent bipartisan leaders - who are not beholden to party leadership or a couple of select billionaires - that will stand up to the entrenched interests in Springfield.

Nancy Zettler is a candidate in the 33rd Illinois Senate District. She is an accomplished attorney and community activist. The 33rd Senate District includes all or portions of Algonquin, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, East Dundee, Elgin, Gilberts, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood, Sleepy Hollow, and West Dundee. You can reach Nancy at Nancy@NancyZettler.com